What 2sM does

2sM Research is very adept and experienced at applying qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to find the answers that help people make sound decisions.

On the qualitative side, our principal researcher has conducted one-on-one interviews and focus group discussions across Canada and the United States with:

  • physicians and surgeons, CNS/NP nurses and Personal Service Workers;
  • senior corporate executives and small- and medium-sized business owners;
  • people with mild cognitive impairment or early stage Alzheimers disease;
  • college and high-school students; and
  • seniors, mothers, teenagers and consumers of all shapes and sizes.

We genuinely like talking with people, all sorts of people, and understanding what drives their thinking, behaviour and needs. And while we have held many of these discussions in professional focus group facilities that we’ve come to rely on across the country, we have also conducted discussions in hotel rooms, restaurants, service station bays, women’s clothing stores, hospitals and long term care facilities. Sometimes the best place to gather qualitative insights is in our clients’ or customers’ places of business.

On the quantitative side, our principal researcher organized and conducted a cross-Canada consumer purchase diary study in 5 markets for 3 years. We have conducted small- and large-scale in-store and store-exit surveys for a variety of retailers and marketers, including beer and teen fashion marketers and shopping centres. We have conducted complex telephone and IVR surveys for banks, drugstores, income tax preparation, convenience stores and automobile financing companies. And we’ve conducted online research, both customer satisfaction studies, as well as usage and attitude surveys for marketers and retailers.

Our clients have included some of Canada’s iconic retailers and marketers, including women’s clothing retailers, athletic and fashion shoe marketers, banks, insurance companies, health charities and not-for-profits, gasoline retailers and car repair shops, bookstores, online travel sites, hotel chains, restaurants, shopping centres and many other types of organizations.

When it comes to research, there isn’t much we haven’t done or cannot do.